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Daily soup

Bread board herb butter & pesto

Carpaccio classic

Served with aged cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, truffle mayonnaise or pesto, pine nuts & arugula

Prawns pil pil pil

Pea Soup

With rye bread and bacon


Pasta salmone

Fusilli Tricolore with salmon, shrimp, cream sauce and vegetables

Pasta Di Pollo

Fusilli Tricolore with chicken breast, pesto cream sauce and vegetables

Pasta la verdura

Vegetarian pasta with vegetables, pesto cream sauce and parmesan cheese


Salads are served with bread and butter

Goat cheese salad

Served with nuts & honey

Carpaccio salad

Carpaccio, sundried tomato, seed mix, aged cheese, truffle mayonnaise and pesto

Salade Salmon

Salmon & shrimp

Main courses

Main courses and burgers are served with fries and garnishes

Sate with fries

Two chicken skewers with satay sauce, atjar & crackers

Pork tenderloin skewer

200 g pork tenderloin skewer, deliciously seasoned

Tortilla hot chicken

Our famous hot chicken served with onion, cheese and curry sauce

Round steak

Served with herb butter

Vega tortilla

Tortilla with feta cheese and a mix of vegetables

Gyros dish

Served with tzatziki


Served with garlic sauce and BBQ sauce

Fish package

Cod with grilled vegetables and shrimp from the oven

Camembert from the oven

With honey, thyme, salad and bread

Surf en Turf

Steak with shrimp from the oven

Beef stew

Well-filled tender goulash

Shrimp skewers

With chili sauce and herb butter

Seasoned forest mushrooms

Thinly sliced oyster mushrooms and chanterelles, seasoned gyros style and tzaziki

Derde kamer burgers

Derde kamer burger

2x 100 gram 100% beef burger with bacon, pickle and cheddar, served with BBQ sauce and fries.

Derde kamer vegetarian burger

From the Vegetarian Butcher with pickle and cheddar, served with BBQ sauce and fries.

Derde kamer chickenburger

Served with lettuce, chili mayonnaise, bell bell pepper and fries

Side dishes

Extra fries

Loaded fries

Cheese and truffle mayonnaise

Loaded cheese

French fries, cheddar, mature cheese and chili sauce

Loaded chicken

French fries, spicy chicken, curry sauce and spring onion

Side salad


Yogurt with nuts & honey


Apple pie with whipped cream

Hot chocolate cake

Espresso Martini

Spanish coffee

Italian coffee

Irish coffee

Schrobbeler espresso

Bloem ice cream – artisanal ice cream made with the best ingredients directly from Italy.
With our varying creations, we provide a unique taste experience. We love ice